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6749 Windemere St. Portage, MI. 49024

Home For Sale: 6749 Windemere St. Portage, MI. 49024 MLS#14052021

This is a great Portage, MI. Home! A California ranch smack dab in Michigan! In just over 3,000 Square feet you'll find 4 bedrooms and 3 full baths! If that's not enough...This Portage home sits on a double lot filled with incredible landscaping and garden beds. Inside you'll walk into an amazing living room with vaulted ceilings, large windows, and a ginormous sandstone fireplace that you will love all year long. OK - Wait a minute...Before you relax in front of that amazing fire...Why not soak your troubles away in your en suite soaker tub! Yeah - that's the idea...Then walk down and grab a drink from the wet bar downstairs...YES! Then grab that book or Kindle..Put your feet up and

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And trust me…You're going to do plenty of things to make her upset…You don’t have to mess this up do you?

It’s exciting isn’t it? Nothing is more exciting than shopping for that perfect home! Some people start a year in advance, looking, driving around seeing different neighborhoods, going to open houses, figuring out what type of floor plan works best for them….Umm…The boss:) 

But wait a minute…You’re starting your home search online right? But my question to you is this; do you really know where to find that home you’re both dreaming about? Do you know what sites you should visit to find that perfect place? Do you search Zillow, Trulia, realtor.com, craigslist, the mls, ListTrue.com, homes.com, mlive.com…Or the other thousands of sites available??

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Selling your home for sale by owner (FSBO) in Michigan? Well let’s go over a few things!!

Ahh yes….”Selling your home by owner” can save you a lot of money in commissions! And ListTrue.com can help you with that – Well, sort of! - Kind of we guess! But getting your home on the MLS in Michigan is another story all together and one that most people wanting to “Sell by Owner”, just don’t understand well. 

At ListTrue.com we can help you get the exposure you need by placing your home on the local MLS here in Michigan. There are a lot of companies out there that will sell you packages for a flat fee to get your listed on the MLS but they fail to go over everything that's involved.  One of the biggest things is that, it’s technically NOT “For Sale by

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Home For Sale 3286 S Riverwood, Twin Lake

So you’re here…Looking in the Twin Lake, Mi area for a home! Well, we think you may have landed on just what you’re looking for! This home is in a perfect location…Just far enough out of the hustle and bustle...But close to Muskegon, Norton Shores, and Whitehall…And a little over a stone throw away from Lake Michigan (if you pitched for the Detroit Tigers).  And not many people can say that they have the Manistee National Forest pretty much as their backyard – How awesome is that? Just make sure to not mow the lawn! Thinking that’s frowned upon.

 So, if you like to explore or just relax…This home in Twin Lake, MI. is waiting to see you! But with all that exploring, hiking, or just laying out on the beach can get a little messy. But hey, don’t worry

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FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium Rate

FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium Rate Cut by Half a Percent. Demand Increases.

Applications for government backed loans increased dramatically after rates for Insurance Premiums are cut by half a percent. Michigan could see a big spike in mortgage applications and home buying as a result.  The FHA (Federal Housing Administration) is lowering the fees to guarantee mortgages to just .85%. The FHA estimates that nearly 2 million borrowers could save around $900 a year over the next three years but you would need to refinance your home if you are not purchasing one.

The rates FHA charges have actually increased since 2011 to help cover losses on defaulting home owners after housing bubble. So this lower rate will allow more people to obtain a mortgage.

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Michigan Home Builders

Michigan Home Builders will once again be a driving force in this State’s Economy for 2015. And ListTrue is helping to push the way with cost savings to builders and incentives to buyers.

This year starts off with Home Builders breaking ground on more single family homes since 2008. It’s a sign that signals strong economic growth for the Michigan housing market and overall US economy for 2015.

Consumer confidence is up in Michigan and throughout the Country. Employment is up, and mortgage rates are at historically low numbers. Home builders are ready for the challenge, beginning work on over 700,000 new homes (at an annual rate across the US) – that’s just over a 7% increase from the previous month for housing starts. Michigan home construction

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