February 2016

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Greetings! I am super excited to be starting on this new and rewarding adventure in the Real Estate industry and cannot wait to see what I can do to help our clients. Many things have changed, for certain, just within the last year for me. I just added another little one to my brood and not six months ago, I was working in my own salon suite and enjoying everything about. Since then, I've realized there was something missing. Although I loved the work and customer interactions I had, I wanted to make even a bigger impact. A long time ago, the real estate business had crossed my mind particularly because of my own experience buying my first home and I wanted to pass that satisfaction to others. Not only were my husband and I anxious and excited, but also

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 how to prepare house for moving

How exciting! A brand new home, a new beginning, a dream come true. Ahhh, but there is so much to do. Your house is on the market and it needs to look swell so it will quickly sell.

Clean, rearrange, move, sort, throw away on and on. Wow, so many tasks can be overwhelming.  Below are some tips that will help you accomplish these tasks easily and quickly with outstanding results!

Are the rooms full of “stuff”– pictures, photos, books, magazines, and knickknacks galore? It is time to depersonalize your home. Remember, soon you will not be the occupant; a key objective is for the prospective buyer to VISUALIZE your house as their house.

 * Remove and declutter

  • Magazines and papers (throw away or donate)

  • Family photos and

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