May 2016

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One of the most important documents in a real estate transaction that you want to keep track of is the closing documents – HUD Statement and determining any tax considerations when Selling your Home.

From the HUD Statement from when you bought the home and the HUD Statement when you sold the home you can get a lot of the numbers that you need to calculate any “profit” from a sale.

1st calculation: What is the adjusted bases of the house you sold. Your adjusted basis is basically the original cost of the house plus the cost of capital improvements you’ve made. Examples are a new roof, a remodeled kitchen, a swimming pool, add a garage / pole barn, add a room, central air conditioning. So keep receipts of those expenses.

2nd calculation: Net

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At the height of America's infatuation with Cars....Gale Ferris, created this 80ft high monster carnival ride, and earlier models....of what would soon become known as today's, "Ferris Wheel"...that we all know and love.

The tire, now sitting on I-94 in Michigan, was originally showcased at New York's World Fair...people actually rode the 24 gondolas around the tire.

When the fair ended....The mechanics were stripped, the tire broken down, shipped in 188 peices, and ended up in Allen Park, MI. I never knew that all these years living in Michigan!!!


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The best part about living on Lake Michigan is the sunsets and sunrises bursting in color, reflecting off the crystal clear water. Nothing is better than owning your own beach and living on the beautiful shores of west Lake Michigan.   Enjoy the beauty of Lake Michigan.   Vibrant communities with a multitude of year round activities.   West Michigan Lakeshore Communities offer activities that are ideal for people of any age or background.    With year around events and celebrations in the area to boot! You will never get bored.