June 2016

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Seven Ways to Cool House without using A/C

Summer is almost here and temperatures are soaring up.    What to do, you made it thru the winter with higher heat bills now you want to avoid higher electric bills.   So how can we keep the house cooler in the Summer without A/C.    Here are seven ways to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient without much trouble or expense.
  • Close windows and window coverings in the morning before the day heats up, then open them in the evening to flush your house with cooler air.     If you still need to see the outside world avoid direct sunlight shining in.Fans
  • Fans are a great tool to combat heat.   Adjust Ceiling Fans to rotate counter –clockwise.  Ceiling fans pull cool air from the ground
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Everyone else’s house is selling, why not mine?


It’s a seller’s market, everyone is saying it and houses are selling almost faster that they can be listed, so why is mine not moving?

Even in a seller’s market some houses sit there and act lazier than a 17 yr old on kitchen duty. It takes effort just to get someone to look at it. What can you do? There are several reasons why you may not be having any luck finding a buyer; here are just a few as well as a few adjustments that may just get your house the attention it needs to sell.

1.)    Location: This one is a little sticky because obviously you can’t move your house. If your house is in an area that seems to be lagging behind the other areas in your town, try highlighting the positive.

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Costs of Buying a Home.

When buying a home there are typical costs that a Buyer pays for and other that the Seller Pays for. Let us focus on the costs that the Buyer side of the transaction. One assumption we will make up front you are like me and require the assistance of a bank or mortgage company in order to buy your dream home. With that said, there are upfront costs that you need to have funds for before you even close (finally purchase the home).

1)      Earnest money:   An earnest money deposit is submitted with the purchase offer.   Usually 1-3 percent of the offer price. I have put $500 down and that was accepted also.   When the offer is accepted, this deposit becomes part of your down payment and/or closing cost. If your offer is not

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Went camping Memorial Weekend.    My wife and I along with the youngest stayed high and dry in the camper.   However, the oldest kids stay in a tent.     Wife bought a new 2 room tent at a garage sale.    Looked great but  --- roof created a leak.    Still had fun with family.

When looking for a homes for sale, we need to have a look at the roof.    Does the roof leak or evidence of a leaking problem?    Squeamish about heights, -- you can do a thorough inspection from the ground using a pair of binoculars.     A walk around the home for sale, we can note potential problems:

Here’s some items to look for:

  • Shingles that are blistering, buckling or curling.
  • Broken or missing shingles.
  • Masses of moss – could signal the roof is
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