MOVING FORWARD -- Preparing Your House to Sell

Posted by Bonita Smith on Monday, February 1st, 2016 at 10:31am.

 how to prepare house for moving

How exciting! A brand new home, a new beginning, a dream come true. Ahhh, but there is so much to do. Your house is on the market and it needs to look swell so it will quickly sell.

Clean, rearrange, move, sort, throw away on and on. Wow, so many tasks can be overwhelming.  Below are some tips that will help you accomplish these tasks easily and quickly with outstanding results!

Are the rooms full of “stuff”– pictures, photos, books, magazines, and knickknacks galore? It is time to depersonalize your home. Remember, soon you will not be the occupant; a key objective is for the prospective buyer to VISUALIZE your house as their house.

 * Remove and declutter

  • Magazines and papers (throw away or donate)

  • Family photos and memorabilia from walls and tables - (pack for your new home)

  • Knickknacks

  • Items in the Garage not being used (put in a storage unit)

* Clean, dust, polish and shine

  • Dust book cases (remove books); polish if necessary

  • Dust lamps, shades and chandeliers

  • Clear fireplace mantels

  • Clean and shine all mirrors

  • Clean coffee tables and side tables

  • Windows should sparkle

  • Refrigerator clean and odorless

  • Bathroom(s) sparkly clean and tidy

  • Mop, shine or vacuum floors

* Rearrange

  • Hall and bedroom closets

  • Kitchen cabinets – dishes and pantry items

  • Bathroom and linen cabinets

* Fix

  • Holes in the walls

  • Tighten knobs and handles

  • Door hinges, if it squeaks, oil it

 * Replace and renew

  • Burned out light bulbs

  • Worn rugs

  • Dingy curtains

  • Bedspreads and/or throws, if necessary

  • Cabinet hardware

* Exterior

  • Clear entrance and driveway

  • Mow lawn

  • Examine for faded window trim

  • Trim bushes, if applicable

  • Visible house number

These tasks will make a big difference and incorporate a “buyer appeal” advantage to market and sell your house quickly.

Still having a dim view of accomplishing the how, when and who can do this because your day-to-day schedule has absolutely no openings for all of the above?  Diamond Staging can ensure that your home sparkles inside and out and completes all of the above and more. We can discuss the details – contact Adrian Smith, Chief Designer, at

Diamond Staging will brighten your day!

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