Basically, we love what we do, we are efficient at what we do, and we do a lot of what we do! So it's easy math for us to be able to pass the savings on to you:) Cash Back at Closing / Buyer's Reabte Program.

So you can buy a home with any Realtor®, but you want one that is going to represent you till the final "T" is crossed, someone that has done millions of dollars in transactions, and someone who knows all the ins and outs of every single little detail. OH...And someone who actually cares about you, your future home...and someone that will still be there 6 months...6 years later to answer a question.

On top of all of this (and so much more) we can give you a rebate on the commissions from the seller. If you don't want cash back at closing, we can always keep it... But, we would rather reward you for using our services. 

Here are the Details:

PLEASE NOTE: Each property is different, each transaction is different, and the commission percentages change for each home...etc. depending on the Seller’s agreement with his or her agent. But we can give you a very close idea on what to expect when you make your offer to purchase.

When a seller is represented by a Realtor®, they typically offer 3% to the buyer’s agent. When ListTrue represents you, and because we do more transactions than most Realtors®, we can offer a rebate or cash back to you. Simple? We think so!

How Much Can You Get Back?

The percent of our commission that is given back to you is based on the list price of the home and seller’s agreement with his or her agent at the time you make the offer. We will be able to let you know when the offer is made.

ListTrue keeps a portion of the commission for our service and rebates the rest to you. Subject to your lender's approval, we can usually apply the rebate against your closing costs or send you the rebate in a check within 10 days of closing.

Now for the "not so fun" little details:

Although some states don’t allow the buyer’s rebate to apply to closing costs, or do not allow rebates at all, Michigan does. And some lenders need to approve this type of rebate as it applies to the closing costs at closing. There may also be restrictions on certain types of loans...Like VA and FHA loan programs. And the rebate may not be used as part of the down payment. We don't like fine print...But there isn’t much we can do about it!

I guess what we are trying to say....Buy a home with ListTrue and get a rebate back: AND GO ON VACATION!

Please call us and we can go over all your questions and see how much money you could get back.

It's funny when you look at it. We can save you thousands of dollars selling your home. And we can rebate you thousands of dollars buying a home. It's nice how things are changing in the real estate world. While most Realtors® may not think so, --we do (and hope you do as well). Guess that's why over 50% of Realtors® have left the business last year. Maybe they didn’t want to change with the times, use technology in a more efficient way or just try new things!

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Cash back at Closing / Buyer's Reabte Program