How do I decide on the right plan?

There are many Real Estate Companies, "Flat Fee MLS" Service Providers, Discount Brokerage Firms...You name it!! They may place your home on the MLS System in your area and most of the time that is about it! No support, or lousy service, and no other marketing services...Nothing. They take your information and input this into the MLS System and call it a day...And hope to sell your home. List True is not just a Discount Real Estate Service or your typical Flat Fee MLS Service Provider.

We are a MARKETING company working for you to sell your home. Selling does not have to be difficult, selling with a few of our plans, "Flat Fee Plans", does take a more knowledge than using our full service real estate plans. But this is why we have four different plans to choose from when selling your home. These plans range from the no frills option that all other Flat Fee MLS companies provide (but we still provide way better service) plans that are full blown marketing campaigns that are tailored to your home, your neighborhood, and people searching for your type of home.

Our goal is to help people find your home that don't know about it. For people that are searching for a home in your area, on your street...A two bedroom under 150,000 in your area, a downtown condo with parking, a ranch on the West side of town...So take a look at what plans we offer, go through the list of services and pick a plan that works best for you. Do you want the greatest exposure? Do you want to save the most money?...Do you want to "Sell by Owner" but still want the full support of a professional Realtor? Take a close look at all of our plans we offer and choose what works for you!

As always...Any questions just ask. We are here to help!

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