Note: If you are serious about selling your home please take the time to learn about what makes us different from other Real Estate Companies.

1 - More Choices to Sell Your Home!

  • More Plans. More Choices. Better Options!
  • You are selling your home and deserve to have better options that fit your goals and budget. Keep more of the money you have invested in your home over the years.         

2 - Way better Marketing (Yes we said "Way Better")

  • Other Companies rely on their "Sales Professionals" to Market your home. Well, we thought it would be better to have a Real Estate Marketing Arm to handle that. So the only thing our Agents do is handle the other hundreds of things that go on with selling your home. Oh, don't worry...We don't outsource this marketing...We are local and we can even stop by to say hello:)
  • Oh...And when you are working with us, you are working with an Agent that actually lives in the area where you are buying or selling your home. Other companies don't even care if you are assigned an Agent that lives 30 minutes away!
  • Be seen on Thousands of Real Estate websites!

3. Way Better Service (Yeah...We said it again...)

The little things matter: Here at ListTrue, we remind ourselves of the colleague whose car broke down. He called a towing company, they came out, did their thing, all was good. But later, they not only called to make sure things were going ok, if he needed any additional contacts for a mechanic...but he also received a "Thank You" card in the mail as well. You know what? He kept that card and told a ton of people about their service and now it's being written on this site! So yeah, we like to not only go above and beyond for our clients, but we love to do all those little things that really count too! Just like that towing company, it's the little things that matter! But funny how many people forget that, even though every one of us loves it.


  • Plans to fit any budget
  • It's your home...Why not sell it how you want to and SAVE money at the same time!

Take a look at all of our plans and find one that you love. Have questions or want to change something...Let us know. We are here for you.

THREE PLANS TO CHOOSE FROM. Which plan is right for you?

Here are just a few of the things we do. Each plan is different...So take a look at each one and pick the plan that fits your goals and budget.

  • Local MLS Promotion
  • Local Neighborhood Promotion
  • Enhanced Listings on Top Websites
  • Photos and Videos
  • Professional Brochures
  • Promoted to 1000's of Websites
  • Yard Signs and Open House Signs
  • Open House Promotion
  • Custom Websites
  • Newspaper Advertising
  • Constant Market Analysis
  • Social Networking Sites
  • Postcard Mailings
  • Email Campaigns
  • And So Much More

We make sure your home can be seen offline and online. But we don't stop there. You need support, you need an expert, you need someone there to handle all of the hundreds and hundreds of things involved with selling your home. Here are just a few things we can do for you.

Taking care of you and your home.

  • Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)
  • Regulation Compliance
  • Follow up with all potential Buyers
  • Updates on Showings
  • Offer Negotiation
  • Handles Buyer's Lending Institution
  • Closing Costs Negotiation
  • Negotiating the Sales Contract
  • Coordinate Appraisals
  • Negotiation of Repairs
  • Escrow Period Maintenance
  • Handle Closing
  • Professional Forum - Ask an Expert
  • Qualifying Buyers
  • In Person Agent Support
  • Should we keep going?

Click here to view all of our plans and what they offer.

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